CC-508 Error with US Bank (Solution) [Edited]

While attempting to download my US Bank transactions to Quicken, I received a CC-508 error. I spent at least 100 hours on the phone with Quicken and US Bank tech support from November 2021 up until yesterday (Feb 28 2022). FINALLY I have the answer!

It is NOT the fault of Quicken. US Bank changed its Terms of Acceptance a few months ago. If you did not read the two articles and check the boxes, the Terms disappeared but the CC-508 error did not.

The fix: Log in to your US Bank account and CHANGE your USER ID Name. Even one character will do it. You can do it yourself in the Profile settings. Once you do that, LOG OUT and LOG IN again. The two terms of agreement docs will come up again. Open each one, close each one and CHECK THE BOXES that you have read them. 2 boxes to check. Then complete the 3 to 5 security answers. Then log back in to Quicken, set up the accounts on line and it will work.


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    I never saw the message from USB, and I was getting a different error (maybe because I'm using Direct Connect) ... but this fixed my connectivity issue with USB.

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