Capital One downloads still fail

I have seen the posts and followed the steps to reauthorize, Quicken says success. And even deactivate and reactivate. Yet Quicken still fails to download from Capital One in all cases.

Is there going to be a resolution to this problem?

I cannot find a process for me to open a ticket with Quicken Support to get this resolved.


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    I see that the Ongoing thread on this subject has an updated as of 3/1/2022 that it is still happening and has no resoluton and no ETA.
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    I do not know if this could help Quicken Devs any or not, but I have deactivated downloads on my 3 Capital One accounts until Quicken resolves the issue. When I do an update to download transactions from all my other accounts, Quicken is still prompting me to add my Capital One accounts. I guess that could just be the fact that I have listed them as Capital One accounts and Quicken knows it can download when it works or if it is a sign of some setting that is not getting cleared or reset after I deactivated the accounts.
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    I suggest that you go the the CapOne website and download Web Connect .QFX files and import them.  Since you can decide the exact dates to be included in the download, you should have minimal duplicates.
    Just make sure that when you do the initial download for an account, that you do not let Quicken "ADD" an account, but change it to "LINK" and select the appropriate existing account in Quicken.
    You may find the process easy enough and definitely more certain and error proof, you may want to keep with it and not do One Step Update in the future.

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    I resolved my issue downloading from Capital One, it is a painful process, but I couldn't wait for the dev's to resolve the issue. Maybe what I did can help Quicken Jared and the dev's find a solution.

    I disabled Quicken Mobile & Web a long time ago because I didn't get much value from it. But feared it did not remove my data and maybe caused an issue with the re-auth. I looked at and discovered that it did not remove my data, which I consider a privacy issue they need to resolve. But I deleted my accounts there any way in case it prevented the online process from updating after the re-auth. This did not resolve the issue.

    I disabled Downloads on the accounts. But it still prompted me to re-auth the Capital One accounts even though I disabled Downloads. This made me thing that my local Quicken QDF file was not clearing all the necessary data for my Capital One accounts and not allowing a clean start.

    I ultimately chose to recreate my Quicken file and this did resolve my issue.

    I opened my existing file and exported it to Quicken Transfer Format (.QXF) file.

    Then I created a new blank file, I chose to not use Mobile & Web and when it prompted me to create my first account, I canceled that process. Then I imported the QXF file.

    I had to setup downloads on all of my accounts, so I started with Capital One. It worked! I have 2 different online accounts related to 3 different credit cards. So I had to setup one, then Exit Quicken before I setup the other online account. Otherwise, Quicken just keeps logging in with the Capital One online account I used for the first setup.

    This was not an easy process and has taken me many hours, if not a couple of days or effort. The greatest pain in this effort was getting my Bills and Reminders rebuilt and my Budget.

    From my old file, I had to Print my Bills and Reminders (from the All Bills view) to Excel, import it into a Google Sheet and add my Account used and Category. Then I manually entered every Bill and Reminder into my new Quicken file, one at a time. The QXF did not successfully transfer the Bills. The Manage Bills kept locking up. Even though I had repaired the old file and new file multiple times. So I had to clear the list and enter them all manually.

    Same for my Budget, need a screenshot or printed copy, and manually creating my budget.

    Many of you might not want to put in this effort, especially if you use all of the more advanced features like Investments that I do not use. I keep my Quicken file rather simple, I just really benefit from the Cash Flow graph that shows my future with Bills and Income included. Something that does not exist in Mint, or I would use Mint if it did.

    I hope this helps some people that want to do this extra effort or for the Devs to find the problem with what data is stored in the local QDF file that is not being successfully and completely cleared or reset during the re-auth.
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