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The last time that I downloaded transactions from my old SunTrust a/c was 12/28/21. When I went to recently download, it was after the weekend merger of 2/18-2/20/22, and I did a One Step Update that only downloaded transactions from 2/18/22 forward. I had to rename the account in Quicken to a BB&T a/c to make the One Step Update. How can I access the transactions from 12/28/21 to 2/17/22? What is the best way to do this, or are these transactions "lost" and I have to enter manually? I could contact Truist, but the wait time for customer service is 60 minutes or more. Any hints are truly appreciated!


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    Hi @BobMac,

    Given the complications that you experienced in converting from Sun Trust to Truist, I believe that the easiest way to download those transactions would be to download a QFX file for the specific time period (12/28/21 to 2/17/2022) and then import that into your Quicken file.  According to Truist's website it allows you to "This will not affect your current "connection" with Truist, so you should still be able to download going forward.

    Basically, all you need to do is to login to your bank account via your browser and download a "Web Connect" - filename.QFX - file.  The bank's website may refer to this as "downloading" or "exporting", but basically it will provide you with a file of transactions, for the period you specify, in a format that you can import into  the transactions to your Quicken datafile.  You may need to extend the date range, because some banks provide downloads by calendar month, so you may have some duplicates for early December and late February. 

    Once the file, or files, are downloaded, in Quicken you'll need to go to "File" > "File Import" > "Web Connect" (.QFX) File..." > locate and click on the file you downloaded > then - in the pop-up window - click "Link to an existing account" and locate the Truist bank account name in the drop-down > then click "Import".  (And if you weren't able to get all of the missing transactions in one download file, you will need to repeat this for each QFX file you downloaded.

    You may need to do some deleting of duplicate transactions but this procedure should bring your account transactions up to date.

    Let me know how this goes or if you have any followups.


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    Thanks Frankx. I will try this over the weekend and let you know.
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