Discover Card Not downloading anymore

Nickd Member
Yet another download issue. Now its Discover Card. Lost transactions about 2+ weeks ago...Reconnected, reset account and it always finds account and reconnects, but fails to download any transactions. Next time I get it an hit update, it fails and I need to relink the account? Any thoughts?


  • splasher
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    Does the Account List (Tools menu) show Direct Connect or Express Web Connect for the connection method of the Discover Card account?

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  • Nickd
    Nickd Member
    Its setup as web connect. I cant seem to get it to use Direct Connect at all....even if I deactivate it.any thoughts?
  • Nickd
    Nickd Member
    Got it......Found that simply deactivating is not enough. You add new and link.....Just stupid.....but it worked...Thanks...
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