First time user: Can I use on multiple devices?

Hi! Everything seemed to be going well, until it wasn't. lol

Short Version:

It appears I created 2 finance/data profiles. I can't figure out how to delete one or how to get a first time installed Quicken Windows program to access my Quicken online profile info I just set up minutes earlier. Thank you

Full Story:

I purchased the Home & Business, and even though the plan comparison shows Windows Only, it gave the option to download on Mac after purchasing so that's what I did. (Later I learned Windows has more features).

After adding some accounts into the Mac Version, I checked Quicken online website version and all was good. It automatically had everything as I'd have hoped it would. Next, I checked the app and once again all was good! The accounts that were added on the Mac program showed up online and on phone app no problem. I'm hoping all 3 would link together no matter where I entered the data (such as if I added info on the phone app, I'd hope it shows up online and on the downloaded program as well?).

If only I didn't know that Quickens Windows provides more features, I'd probably be fine and continue to add my info either online, through the downloaded program, or the phone app.

It's when I attempted to use Quickens Windows program where the problems begun!

It seems like it's 100% new, asking me to add accounts again. After downloading it specifically had me log into my Quickens username/password, so I don't understand why it's not downloading the info shown on the website?


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    The Win and Mac versions of Quicken use completely different data file formats on the desktop.  The online features QMobile (phone) and Q-Web both access a Quicken Cloud Account (QCA) that HAS to be tied to a desktop file.  That means that the Win and Mac Quicken worlds can not share the same files/QCA.
    On a side note, Quicken does not have a Home & Business version for the Mac, so the highest edition on the Mac side is Premier.
    If you truly need/want the H&B features, you will need to use Quicken for Windows and forget about using it on your Mac.

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