Has anyone been able to set up downloads from Mattress Firm-Synchrony?

Mattress Firm said they have a relationship with Quicken. I can set up QuickPay but not downloads.


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    Hi @schason27

    As you probably know, the financial institution - which is Synchrony Bank - issues a ton of credit cards for various retailers and other entities.  That can make it harder to actually make the Quicken connection.  There are at least three different Synchrony entities listed on the Quicken Financial Institutions Directory - they are: Synchrony Bank Credit Cards [URL - https://www.synchronybank.com/banking/home], Synchrony Financial Mastercard [URL - https://www.synchronycredit.com], and Synchrony Mastercard [URL - https://mastercard.syf.com/login/].  So your first step is to find out which one of these your credit card connects to.  Once you do that, you just need to make sure that you use that one when you go through the setup process.

    BTW - Quickpay is a completely separate process and connection, therefore the fact that you can pay your bill through Quickpay has no bearing on the download connection and process.  If fact, once you get "connected" for downloads, I believe you will find it much easier to pay this bill through that process rather than using Quickpay.

    Hope this helps.  Get back to me on how that goes and/or if you have followups.


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    I discovered, thru a message posted here quite a while ago, that using "Guitar Center Credit Card" as my card name (even though my actual card has nothing to do with them) enabled my Synchrony card for download.
    No earthly idea why that works ... but it does.  You might try it.

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  • schason27
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    I gave your "Guitar CCC" method a try and it worked! Awesome - thanks.
  • schason27
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    Frankx - Thanks - I did not know that QuickPay was a separate entity. I could not find any Synchrony CC that matched Mattress Firm. However, you may have seen that using NotACPA's info on trying to use Guitar CCC worked for me.
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