anyone successfully running Quicken on a Windows VM in Fusion on M1 Macbook?

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I've been a 20 year user of quicken on windows (Qwin). switched to a mac years ago and decided to stick with Qwin since everyone said Qmac wasnt as good. Thus Ive been running my Qwin on Vmware Fusion.

im about to get a shiny new M1 Macbookpro and suddenly am learning that Fusion/windows dont work on it?

Is anyone sucessfully running this config?




  • RickO
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    You might have to switch to Parallels Desktop to host your Windows VM.
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  • jacobs
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    @mikestone You might also want to re-examine whether Quicken Mac is good enough to meet your needs. The early years of the next-generation Quicken Mac had lots of missing or limited features which many users found too limiting, but the developers have been slowly but steadily adding and improving features over the years. Many Quicken Windows users have switched and found Quicken Mac to be good now, or at least "good enough" for their needs; some Quicken Windows users still find shortcomings they consider important enough that they aren't willing to make the switch.

    My suggestion is that you don't listen to what "everyone" says about Quicken Mac versus Windows, or rely on posts on this site (which are almost all discussing problems rather than success stories). There are so many features in Quicken, and we all use the program and its features so differently, that it's difficult to know whether Quicken Mac could work for you based on comments of others. Since you have a Mac, and since you have a Quicken subscription, you can download the current Quicken Mac at no cost, and do a trial import of your Windows data.

    You need to devote some time to learning the different (but not necessarily inferior) ways Quicken Mac works, so I'd suggest committing to at least several weeks of doing everything in parallel — continue using Quicken Windows like normal, while doing everything in duplicate on Quicken Mac. After some time, you'll be able to decide if Quicken Mac can meet your needs or not. If it does, then you can ditch the expense of VM software and maintaining a Windows license and environment; if not, then you can move forward with continuing to run Quicken Windows in a VM.
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