Capital One - downloaded transaction files have balance off by $0.01

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So this is a weird issue -- I can choose to export the Capital One transactions as QFX and the individual transactions come in fine. The Online Balance is now consistently off by $0.01. This started after 2/1/22. The register balance matches the website and statements exactly. It is only the Online Balance that does not match and so I have to do manual reconciliation. Can this be examined? Thanks!


  • splasher
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    Since it is coming from the Web Connect .QFX file download and import, the only group that can fix this issue is Capital One.  Quicken is just reporting what CapOne is providing.
    I have seen the error you mention and I have reported it to CapOne, but they have not seen fit to fix it.
    Since I reconcile to "paper" and NOT the downloaded online balance, I just ignore it, but it is a shame that CapOne can't do a better job of producing their downloads.

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