Need to create a new file and investment implications

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So it seems my existing file has become corrupt and I'm having various issues. Some like alerts not working seem minor but I'm also having a lot of trouble downloading transactions consistently and reconciling accurately. Also my recorded paycheck items for 2022 randomly went haywire. It seems like I need to create a new file as doing the validation doesn't seem to fix whatever has gone wrong. My problem is that the investment accounts that are currently set to complete will all have placeholder entries and I'm not going to be able to recreate years of data to get rid of them. My question is whether it is a good idea to just switch to simple for tracking my investment accounts. I am not a regular trader and have a Roth IRA, 401k, and a brokerage account with some ETFs in it. I haven't really worried much about capital gains in Quicken so not sure I would miss all of that, but what are people's experience with using the simple method of tracking investments?


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    The new r39. Xx versions have a bug that can cause those errors 

    Read.. And go back to r38. Xx version
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    Before you give up on your current file, have the problems just started this week, or have they been ongoing for longer?

    If just this week, they may be caused by a recent software update. In that case it might be easier to revert to Quicken version 38.30 and restore a backup  from before the update.

    Please go to Help > About Quicken and let us know what version you are running.
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    The alerts was before the latest update and there have been problems with my Capital One accounts getting the data, not the 501 or whatever issue its more the reconciliation not working properly. I'll try and revert.
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