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  • pwdouglas13
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    With the last update my main account will not balance, but I have checked each month but there is no visible discrepancy, but my paychecks seem to be off. I can not find an error in the paycheck and I check them manually they are correct, but are out of balance. I have about 4 years of a balanced account and this month all months from 2017 where out of balance.
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    Hi again @pwdouglas13,

    Based on your last post, it sounds like your Quicken datafile may be corrupted.  You should save a new backup copy (just in case) and then perform a file validation (and also a super-validation if the initial validation does not indicate problems that were fixed).

    Here's a LINK to the steps you'll need to take.  Start with Step: "Fourth - Copy your File and Validate"

    Let me know how that goes.


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  • pwdouglas13
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    That was the first thing I did. My backups had the same problem. I then went back to the latest and fixed it with many Adjustments. I think I have a problem with a conversion when I open backups.
  • pwdouglas13
    pwdouglas13 Member
    My Backups all where in balance when made.
  • jacobs
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    @pwdouglas13 you posted in a thread for Quicken Mac, but it sounds like you are using Quicken Windows, correct? If so, we should ask a a moderator to split this off from he original thread, as the causes and cures for reconciliation issues can be different between Mac and Windows. 
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  • pwdouglas13
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    Yes I am using window 10 pro
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