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Sorry to rehash, but I'm trying to get an accurate status on this issue. 37.67 is the last release that the drop down for taxes in a paycheck works.

The read-me for 38.30 indicated this issue was fixed (What's Fixed - "The Show option for holdings was not displaying all available options") but the problem STILL EXISTS WITH 38.30.

Unfortunately I actually believed the readme and updated, soooo I had to go through the whole uninstall and reinstall quicken procedure again to get back to a working version.

This is going on near three months now that people can't make changes to their tax with-holdings. Any chance this most basic and necessary function is going to get fixed as a priority?
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    The bug that you indicated isn’t the Paycheck reminder tax line one.

    It was a bug where in Investment register -> Holdings pull down menu you couldn’t select anything but the first choice.

    In fact it isn’t until the R39.21 patch that they fixed it.  But in the process they introduced even worse problems, so the “pulled” the R39.17/R39.21 patches and are working on another patch.
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