Unprompted Data Entry Changes Occurring

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    Quicken support, you need to join this discussion and provide a solution!!! I've been using Q for Mac since 2013. I sync every account (check, save, invest, CCs...Total of 32 accounts) every day. I attach receipts and notes to every transaction. For over a year now, Q randomly and periodically is changing the category I've assigned to a transaction, or deleted the notes, or receipts I've attached. The most unfortunate part is that it is doing it to older transactions, transactions that are no longer on my radar. This is making my Q work and results worthless. I have talked to Q support a couple of times, and the [Removed - Disruptive] people on the phone have given me suggestions for altering different settings, but the problems persists. I've invested too much to drop Q easily, but this is killing me. [Removed - No Soliciting]
  • C.Ortiz
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    And let me add that this is not only happening after the software updates, though I have been hit after them. I am experiencing this on random days.
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    @C.Ortiz "Quicken support, you need to join this discussion and provide a solution!" This forum is not Quicken Support; it's fellow Quicken users along with a handful of Quicken moderators trying to help Quicken users. Quicken Support staff are on the phones and chat, but they don't read this forum. If you want help from Quicken Support, you should contact them directly, and you say you already have. You can try again — as with any company, different support representatives have different skills levels, and sometimes one person can help you where someone else previously did not. 

    From your description, the only thing I can suggest is making sure you turn off Sync with Quicken Cloud, as these types of problems with older data being changed mostly seem to have to do with Quicken Cloud overwriting data. Most of the long-time users on this site avoid Sync/mobile app/web interface like the plague.
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