Quicken Version 39.23 Build Will not update accounts

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After installing the above subject version Quicken chooses 3 accounts and says they require passwords. I enter the passwords and it still says the same thing. I unchecked the boxes of the 3 accounts and it still ask for passwords for the accounts below and it is blank with no accounts. Ran the validate and told me that one of the accounts was no longer in quicken, Amex card. Any help would be appreciated.


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    R39.23 was pushed to people who had earlier updated to R39.17 and/or R39.21 so I am assuming that you updated to R39.23 from one of these two earlier versions.  Am I correct?
    If so, do you have a backup file for R38.30 that you could restore?  R39.17 and R39.21 have several issues, some (not all) of which could cause permanent data loss.  If the data file you opened with R39.23 was last saved as R39.17/R39.21 then perhaps any issues in that file might have carried over to R39.23.
    Restoring a R38.30 (or earlier) backup file might resolve that issue.  (FYI:  March 3 would have been the last date before being able to update to R39.17.  So a March 3 backup file should be good.  Perhaps the easiest way to find the last R38.30 backup file is to look at the backup file name in Explorer.  Quicken does a backup of the data file when it updates to a new version and in that backup name it inserts the version that was being updated from.)

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    Thanks for your very thorough information. While I do backup my Quicken files in duplicate every day, in the meantime I was able to fix my problems by resetting two of my accounts and deactivating and reactivating my Amex account. This appears to have fixed the problem and I am no longer asked for any passwords for my financial accounts. I will know for sure in the next couple of days, but I have been using Quicken since 1990 and my Quicken file is quite large so it may be more subject to corruption. I forgot to mention that this was on Quicken Premier, in the event that this may matter to someone else. Thank you again for your efforts on my behalf.
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