set up checking account in a brokerage institution

my checking account actually sits within a brokerage account. as such, when I set it up, it would only offer Wells Fargo as an option, not wells fargo advisors. so I set it up as a brokerage account. It works ok, but it lacks some of the functionality of the checking account features and process. is there any way to change the "base account type" from a brokerage account to a checking account?


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    You may want to try
    Click the gear at the top right of the account
    Select Edit account details
    Select Show cash in a checking account
    Click OK

    This will set up a separate "Linked" checking account that will hold the cash in your account. This works best if the cash is shown as Cash in the investing account and not in a money market "Sweep" fund.

    You should be able to switch back if you don't like the result, but back up your data first just in case.
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