In quicken one main point is to Categorize your transactions with good reason.

My problem is when I take my receipts from various grocery stores, and use splits. the splits all have their categories or subcategories and all have zero monetary difference in the split, but all the splits end up as an uncategorized transactions because multiple categories in the split. Should Quicken made a category for this situation called Multiple Category Transaction so the splits dont end up being all Uncategorized transactions? or am I missing something?


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    So you enter a Category on each line of the split but when you save the transaction the categories are lost? 

    When you look at the transaction in the register after saving it, it should say --Split-- for the Category. If you hover over that, it should show the splits. What do you see?

    Please go to Help > About Quicken and let us know what version you are running.
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