New Transaction button greyed out.

Bob C.
Bob C. Member
I have one particular account that has the + (new transaction) button greyed out. I have disconnected the account and it is still there. If I run a report from that account I can add transactions on the report, but not directly on the account.

Stumped - any ideas?


  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    I agree, that's weird. ;) How about trying this: create a new manual account. Click on the problem account, Select All, and then click-and-drag any of the highlighted transactions to the new account. Verify that the problem account is empty (no transactions), and then delete it. Finally, you can set the new account up for downloads.

    (Please make a copy of your data file before making a big change like this, just in case something goes wrong.)
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  • Bob C.
    Bob C. Member
    Thank you for the good fix idea, much appreciated.
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