What if T Rowe Price closes rather than hides the old fund?

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The old and new fund have the same account number. I can "hide" the old fund name in TRP but Quicken still sees the data. If TRP closes the old fund so it can't be scanned by Quicken woudn't that help. Also noticed that the NAV is different for the old and new fund even tho they are the same account number.


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    Please provide more detail about what is happening here so we can help you.

    Is TRP T Rowe Price?

    Have they merged two funds or something? What are the two funds?
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    T Rowe Price set up new funds with a less management fee, kept the same account number just called it with a different name, ie. PDGIX rather than PRDGX. You can hide PRDGX on TRP web page but Quicken still scans the two funds and doubles the totals. They may also have different NAV. I tried to disconnect PRDGX and that didn't work. Using Morningstar as backup. TRP is indicating they will get the software up to speed March 31st.
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    Thanks for the update. I edited the title of your post to make it clearer
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    I think you are being hamstrung by an account setting as a Single Mutual Fund. Some fund families require a one-fund to one-account relationship; others don’t. I don’t recall TRP’s policy. In reality, PDGIX and PRDGX are different securities and need to be different securities in Quicken. What I would do:
    • Edit the ACCOUNT details in Quicken to not be a SMF account. 
    • In the Security list (ctrl-y), make sure both securities exist with their correct tickers and unique names
    • In the account transaction list, Enter Transactions button and select Mutual Fund Conversion. 
    • Fill in the form and enter that. One remove and multiple adds will be created. 
    Since this account in Quicken still has the same account number, you should get proper downloads from the associated account at TRP. 


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