Where, in the win 10 OS, are "my saved reports"? so i can pull them out and print them?

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or do i need to print as pdf to print a report?


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    "Saved Reports" in Quicken for Windows only save the customization settings you made. They do not save a printable copy of the report as of the time you generated it.
    If you need to retain hardcopy of a report you need to print the report to a PDF file and save this file on your harddrive or some external storage media (USB drive, cloud service, etc.)
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    edited March 2022
    I'm not sure why you're referring to Win 10 OS, since saved reports are kept inside your Quicken file. 
    If you've created saved reports then that "My Saved Reports & Graphs" link should show up under the Reports drop down menu, and clicking on that heading will show all the reports you've saved.  When you select a saved report it should open on your screen and at that point you can chose to print it either to paper or to your PDF printer, such as "Microsoft Print to PDF", or export it.

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