Installing Quicken 2015 for Mac in a new machine

Samir Trad
Samir Trad Member
I've been using this version since its launch with success, but now I need to move to a new Mac computer. I don't have the instalation program and Support says it's no longer available.
Does anyone know where can I get the original software? I just want to keep using this product and have access to my data.

Thanks in advance


  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    You should be able to just move the program and your data file to the new machine. I would enclose each of them in a .zip file (File > Compress in the Finder) before moving them, for safety. The program is in your Applications folder: Quicken If you have trouble locating your current data file, post back and we can offer ways to find it.

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  • Samir Trad
    Samir Trad Member
    Thank you Jacobs for this tip. That sounds perfectly logic! I'll have a new machine late in April, so only then I'll be able to do what you planned. I'll post here and share the result. Thank you once again.
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