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Quicken's Category List shows a suggested category for brokerage commissions ("AllbCategories > Fees & Charges > Trade Commissions"), but I see no way to actually make a transaction record for a stock sale make use of the category, i.e., the dialog for entering sale data has a "Commission" box, but how to actually report on Commission totals across transactions, much less assign a specific category like "Trade Commissions" to it?


  • Jim_Harman
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    The Investing > Investment Transactions report has a column for Commissions and shows the total for the selected time period, accounts, and securities at the bottom of the report.
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    Since the commission on the buys and sells of investment securities folds into the basis and proceeds (net proceeds after commission versus cost including commission), there is no separate category for recording those commissions.  @Jim_Harman has identified where you can get a summation of those fees if you record the commission on each such transaction.    

    I am not sure what Quicken's intent with the Trade Commission category is.
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