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Since RBC created new Series F funds, I cannot get a quote update for RBF3107. I have tried a number of variations such as RBF3107-CF etc. What is the answer as all of the Series D funds are no longer able to be purchased but basically converted to Series F because of the trailing commission changes.


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    Hi @khocking00

    Are you running Quicken-Canada or US?  It sounds like these are potentially new Canadian funds and if that is the case, you are likely going to have to contact Quicken Support to get this worked out.  Here's the LINK to Support (but they won't be available until Monday).


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    I'm running Quicken Canada. The Series F funds are new but are readily trading and I don't see any reason why their quotes should not be available. I've seen this issue with mutual funds before and it seems to be an issue. [Removed - Speculation]
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