Switching to a new mac but misplaced my install disk for Quicken 17

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I can't remember if Quicken 17 was a download or disk install. I want to continue using Quicken 17 on my new mac and need to install the necessary application. I am very satisfied with the simple checking account ability on Quicken - I do not download my bank and charge activities - I input my purchase information and manually send out payment checks. There is no need for me to join into the subscription service. How can I install Quicken 17 to my new computer?


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    Do you still have QMac 2017 on the old computer available. If so, compress the Quicken.app file in the Applications folder, move it over to the new Mac by any file transfer method you have available, uncompress it in the Applications folder there and you'll be good to go.
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    Do you have your old Mac and is it still working? If so, I think you could just copy the app to your new Mac (you'd want to compress it into a zip file & then uncompress the zip on your new Mac). Or you could copy it from a backup if you have one available.

    If it was a digital download & you bought it from Amazon, it will still be in your digital library there. Go to the "Your Account" page, and under "Digital Content and Devices" there's a link to "Digital games and software". I bought Quicken 2016 that way & the download still works.

    If you bought it directly from Quicken, I don't know if you can still download that or not. When I log into my account there, there are links to download the software but it's the current version as I'm on the subscription. I don't know if it would be any different for you.
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    Thank you for your information. My old computer is still working, but is old and running High Sierra, and can no longer upgrade the OS. Quicken 17 is running happily, and with your information on transferring it to my upcoming new computer, I will enjoy many more years of 17. I have copied the program to a thumb drive for later reinstallation. But where does Quicken store its backups?
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    You need two things to move to the new computer: (1) the Quicken application and (2) your Quicken data file. And, ideally, one more: (3) a folder of your Quicken backups.

    (1) The Quicken application, like most applications, lives in your Applications folder. As noted above, Compress it, then copy the .zip file to the new computer.

    (2) Your Quicken data file lives wherever you told Quicken to save it. It you never made any change from Quicken's default location, you will find it in your User Library folder, in the Application Support folder, in a "Quicken 2017" folder. (Note that to get into the Library folder, in the Finder hold down the Option key while pulling down the "Go" menu; Apple hides it unless you are holding down the Option key.) Your current data file lives inside there, inside the Documents folder. It's a file with a ".quicken2017" extension. It's important to also do File > Compress in the Finder, and move the resulting .zip file.

    (3) Your Quicken backup files also live wherever you have directed the program to store them. If you've never changed from Quicken's default location, you'll find them in the same Quicken 2017 folder described above, inside the Backups folder. 

    If your data file and backups are both in the default location, you can keep things simple by doing File > Compress on the entire "Quicken 2017" folder — your data file, your backups, and some support files (which Quicken would regenerate if you don't move them). Make it all one .zip file, move to the new Mac, navigate to the same Application Support folder, drop the .zip file there, and double-click it to expand it back into your "Quicken 2017" folder. (You can then delete the .zip file.) 
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