Down grade from Home, Business and Rental Property (Window's Parallel) to Deluxe (Mac)?

Mark Janzen
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It's time for me to pay Qucken's annual subscription fee. I don't need 3/4 the features of my existing subscription.
- How do I down grade from Home, Business and rental property (Windows) TO Deluxe (Mac) without loosing 20 years of history?
- How do I convert files from Windows Parallel on Mac to just Mac? How do I still access the Home, Business and Rental Property version files if my business get's audited for the next 5 years? I do not have rental property related data. I do not have stock related data either.
- How do I change Quicken's subscription fee?


  • NotACPA
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    The Q subscription comes with both QWin & QMac.  So, I'd be inclined to contact Q Support and do the downgrade to QDeluxe Win first and then convert to Mac.  Your HBR data will become just regular Q accounts in Deluxe ... but the data should all come over to Deluxe.  THEN, the conversion to QMac should be pretty clean, but a QMac SuperUser would need to address that side of the equation.
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  • Mark Janzen
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    thx much!!! :)
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