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Have been a Quicken user for many years, thought I would start tracking my investments. Upgraded my subscription to the Premier version for Mac to take advantage of the advanced tracking features. To my surprise I am being told by Quicken (after the purchase) that only simple tracking is available for my Nationwide Retirement Solutions Account.

After several hours online with Quicken they recommend I contact Nationwide to resolve the issue. Nationwide advises how to download the QFX file from their website, (push a button) any issue with errors they refer me to Quicken Technical Support. To say I am disappointed in both companies is an understatement.

It appears that the only option that I can see is to attempt and import a generic CSV or Excel file into Quicken. The only CSV file format listed is from, not interested in importing into one software program to just export it to Quicken.

My financial institution is listed in the account lookup for web connect, however when I connect to the account I get a notice that the connection is limited to "simple" information. At best, the only information displayed is the current cash balance. There is no balance from the day before or percent of change from the day before.

I can download the following fields from my FI:

Transactions from 01/01/2021 - 03/23/2022
Effective Date Transaction Confirmation Number Amount

Any suggestions in how to merge this data into Quicken's Investment module would be appreciated.


  • Jon
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    The Mint CSV formatting is set up for regular banking transactions, not investments. (If you're really interested, there's more information here.)
    I don't think what you're trying to do will work with an investment account.

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  • jacobs
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    Quicken's Web Connect connection method is the importing of QFX files. You said they allow you to download QFX files. So what is the problem you're having with that approach? (There's no good way to import a CSV file or Excel file, unless you purchase an unauthorized third-party data converter program.)
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  • RickO
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    When I look up Nationwide Retirement Solutions in the FI table, Quicken Connect is the only option. Web Connect is grayed out. This may be the problem. If NRS thinks they support QFX import, they need to arrange that with Quicken so that the table can be updated to enable Web Connect.
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  • WJP
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    Thanks for the input and suggestions. Was able to manually input my individual mutual funds and get daily closing price. However I have to manually update the number of shares.

    The “automation” portion of this product is over stated in the sale information. Have spent more time on the phone with technical support than I have using the software. It should not be this way.
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