Cannot have a 2nd security in my TFSA account (Q-HB 2015 CA) [Edited]

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Using Home & Business 2015 for Canada. I have a TFSA account (savings) invested in a certain mutual fund. I just switched to a different mutual fund all still inside that TFSA.

When I try to record those 2 transactions I can sell and transfer the $ out but I cannot transfer the $ in and buy a different fund because I cannot add a new security (or even an existing one from another account) to the list of securities used in the TFSA account. It seems there is only one security and it's still the only one after I have sold it all.

The best thing would just be to add a new security and switch the funds from one security to the other but Switch is not an available transaction type in this account.


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    It sounds like you've set that TFSA account to be "Single Mutual Fund".  Unless your fund company requires this, you'll need a 2nd account.  This is one reason why SMF accounts are a bad idea.  In an SMF type account, you can only hold that ONE ORIGINAL FUND ever in the account.  A different fund requires a different account.
    See if you can turn off the SMF attribute via the TOOLS, Account List ... Edit Button for the account.

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    This is what I see. Doesn't look like I can turn it off.
    If I create a new TFSA account (and make sure the SMF is not set!) is there an easy way to move a few hundred transactions from the old account to the new one?
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