Is there any narrative which explains what happens when one creates a year end archive?

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I have ten years of transactions and would like to reduce it to 5 years.  Things are getting pretty slow, which I am assuming is caused because the file is so big (about 400 mb).  I would like to have the archived file include only the previous 5 years transactions, without any scheduled transactions, as discussed by others.  I would then like to be able to rename the new file.  With that process, if anything fails, I have the current file (everything before doing anything) as a backup under the old name.


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    If you haven't already, you may want to review: FAQ: Year End Copy

    Generally, partitioning your data across multiple files will not significantly improve performance.

    An archive file contains old transactions.  It sounds like what you want is a current file that only contains the previous 5 years.  That can be achieved using Create a year-end archive.

    Exit Quicken and use File Explorer to copy the Quicken file to the new Quicken file.  Open the new Quicken file and create a year-end archive preserving the last 5 years in the current file.  You may delete the generate archive file using File Explorer.

    Regarding scheduled transactions, it's not clear to me that you would want to remove them from the original Quicken file or the new Quicken file.
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    Thanks for your direction.  I will again review the referenced postings.  It is good to know that the size of the file is not necessarily compromising the performance.  I will not do a year end archive but will go on and attempt to determine what is interfering with the performance.
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