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brosio Member

I am finding in my quicken starter edition, under spending and looking up a category it says there are 2 transactions for the month, but only 1 is being displayed!

does anyone know how to make all the transaction display properly?

I am seeing this issue for income and expenses.



  • NotACPA
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    Where, in Q, are you seeing the reference to 2 transactions?

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  • brosio
    brosio Member
    under spending it could be expenses or income if i select a category then at the bottom left it states how many transactions are listed, but sometimes it will not display the top most transaction. ie. it states there are 2 transactions but only 1 being displayed.

    In testing i just noticed something. after manually importing my bank file, i see this issue appear. but once i close down quicken and go back in, the transactions now appear properly.
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