can't change start date of recurring paycheck

I received an off-cycle bonus and used the next paycheck in the series to enter it, as I have in the past. I then went to change the start date of the rest of the series, but the change will not stick - Quicken will reset the date to the next date in the original series. You can actually see this happening in the "Manage Manual Bills and Income" dialog. When I change the date of the next paycheck, it saves the new due date for a second or two, then changes it to the old one. You can see the entry change positions in the list when it is sorted by date.

This is a new behavior that has been introduced within the last six months.

Version: Quicken for Windows R39.23 Build


  • Sherlock
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    Quicken intentionally changed the behavior of reminders about the same time they introduced Online Bills about two years ago.  It appears they are maintaining the current due date when a reminder's transaction is entered and silently no longer allow the reminder's due date to subsequently be set to the same or an earlier date.  The hidden date may manifest a variety of symptoms.  Most notably, reminders appear to skip months.  The generic work around is to delete the misbehaving reminder and create a new reminder. 
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