Can I unreconcile many transactions at once?

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I want to unreconcile my account so I can fix some errors. There are too many transactions to do this one at a time. is there a way to 'unreconcile' many transactions at once?


  • cdkbrice
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    I read some earlier posts and learned I can select many transactions and with a left-click can reset the list to Cleared or other ...
  • Chris_QPW
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    Quicken uses the standard Windows selection methods.
    To select a group of transactions left click on the first transaction, and the go to the last transaction and hold down the shift key and either left click or right click.  If you left click it just selects the transactions, if you right click it selects the transactions and brings up the context menu.  On the context menu you can select "Reconcile status" and then select either uncleared or cleared depending on what you want.

    You can also hold down the Ctrl key and left click on a transaction to toggle whether it is selected or not.
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