Advice on how to handle Payflex HSA investment account

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Hi all, New to having an HSA, but long time quicken user

The Payflex HSA works with automatic transaction downloads just fine, however when funds are transferred to the investment side of the HSA, it shows a being pulled out of this account. From what I can tell, I don't really have access to the investment account to download transactions (appears to be with Schwab)

It feels like I need to create a new investment account and make these transactions transfers to that HSA investment account and manually update the balance periodically actually enter the trades happening in that account to avoid too much manual balance updates.

I mainly use quicken for retirement planning and keeping an eye on the budgets. So a manual update quarterly of the investment account (which I do for 401k, IRA, etc.) would be fine for me, I just am curious if I'm overlooking a slick answer to this.


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    There's currently multiple issues with connections to Schwab.  But the only info that I can find for Payflex as a provider itself doesn't seem to indicate Investment access.  Or to M&T as the employer.  Is that the case?
    SO, you might try shopping here for Schwab to see if any of those apply to you.
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