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Running Quicken and almost every operation I do immediately goes to a Quicken Not Responding as I look at my Task Manager. Takes 30 seconds or more to get out of that and then process.


  • NotACPA
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    More info needed in order to assist you.
    What Q product are you running and what  BUILD of that product?  Do HELP, About Quicken for this info.
    Where is your Q data file located and what's the FULL path, starting with the drive letter and ending with ".QDF" of that file?
    Have there been any recent changes to either Q or windows on your PC?

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  • DaveFry
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    I have the same problem - constantly. Running Windows 11, and for the past couple months this occurs. If I leave Quicken and return, it doesn't respond. If I enter a new security - it doesn't respond. If I want to do an update - it doesn't respond. And, sometimes when it does respond, it deletes what I had entered and if I'm not watching, I have the wrong date or wrong security in my transaction. This appears to be noted by a lot of users.
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