How to get rid of "Your last online session was not completed" message

I keep getting this message, when I say yes to try again the program locks up. If I say no and try to update that account I get the same message back. It's been going on for 2 weeks. How do I get rid of this?????


  • NotACPA
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    What Financial Institution?  Only 1 account at that FI having the problem?  Any error codes with that message?
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  • jherrera18
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    There are no error code with it. It affects only 1 account, M&T bank. When I look at the One Step Update Summary it shows no errors, except there is not a date to the left of the M&T direct connect. Every time I try to do an update I get this message: Your last online connection was not complete4d. Quicken will now try to complete the previous connection. After it is done, you can send your new request. If I answer yes, it tries to connect and the program locks up. If I say no, I cannot download the account data. Very frustrating.
  • jherrera18
    jherrera18 Member
    Fixed the problem. Went to account, online services, reset account and it did the trick.
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