Help with investment setup - Schwab Living Trust only shows total, not individual stocks

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Is there a way to download individual stocks from a brokerage and not just the lump sum figure under a category. My mom is with Schwab. They have 2 main title names for her account but each account has several stocks. When I connected to Schwab, it only gives me the total figures for each main title. Can you help me?


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    When you say "2 main title names" is that in Q ... or on Schwab's website?  If at Schwab, do you have 2 accounts setup in Q?
    And, in Q, is the account/s setup for Simple or Complete Tracking?  Do TOOLS, Account List and click EDIT adjacent to the account/s for the dialog that contains this info.

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    Schwab has a living trust account and a contributory accounts in her name. The living trust has many stocks included under it. Quicken only pulled in the total value with that heading. She wants to see each stock, not just the total. Is that possible? Right now it is complete tracking. I tried switching to simple but all it changed was listing it as cash.
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