Best way to populate recurring split transactions?

Gene K in PA
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Once I have memorized a payee involving a recurring split transaction (e.g., my paycheck), can Quicken automatically apply the same split in future deposits? That's not what's occurring. I do see that if I MANUALLY enter the memorized payee in the register, it does instantly populate all of the line items in the split. Looking for advice on the best way to simplify the recording of recurring split transactions. I have Quicken set up to automatically load new items from my bank accounts.


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    Have you looked in Q HELP for MEMORIZED Transactions and SCHEDULED Transactions?

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  • Gene K in PA
    Gene K in PA Member ✭✭
    Yes, thanks, I've reviewed the Help on Memorized and Scheduled Transactions.

    I have a Paycheck set up showing the split deductions and I want to apply that split to the automatic paycheck deposit that the download shows in one of my bank accounts twice a month. I have a reminder set up for the paycheck deposit. Can someone please briefly summarize the steps that are needed to replace or populate the automatic downloaded paycheck deposit so it shows the split that I've saved?
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