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I am trying to reconcile my Fidelity accounts in Quicken (Desktop). I connect to Fidelity, but I do not seem to have complete pricing files. I understand maybe not having all dates within a given month, but why is there many months in which month end pricing is missing. I have done a "Download Historical Pricing" for the past year, and did get some pricing for mid month dates, but many months were still missing month end pricing - why? My account has three pages of securities on the Fidelity statement and it is very cumbersome to go in, and open a few screens to get to the edit price history to add a new price on every security. Statements are generated month end. Reconciling only reconciles cash, not security value so I have to run a holdings report. But it is rare that I match due to missing pricing. Anyone else have this issue and if so, is there a fix??? This is very frustrating. thanks


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    Two things to note here:

    Downloading historical prices gets you daily prices for the past 30 days then weekly Friday prices for the previous 11 months then month end prices before then. That means if you don't update quotes at least every month, you will miss some month end prices.

    Also to update prices for several securities for the same date, you can go to the account's Holdings view, set the As of date to match your statement date for example, and enter the prices there. No need to go to each security's detail view.
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    Thank you for the information Jim - much appreciated ! It's unfortunate that the previous 11 months is Friday pricing, vs including month end there. I will definitely go in and pull pricing at a minimum of once a month, probably twice a month going forward. Thanks !! Carol
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    I have had the same problem for years. Fixed income securities do not update historically. And reconciling balances to statements is a real problem. This does not happen with Schwab, Vanguard, Wells, etc. Even though I pull pricing frequently.
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