Errors when updating Charles Schwab Accounts

Quicken for Windows failed to download transactions in February for my multiple Charles Schwab accounts through Onestep update. March transactions I've checked appear to be correct (I have not checked all of them), but without the February transactions share and cash balances are incorrect.

I know that Quicken updated Schwab connections in December, but this appears to be primarily a February problem. We have updated to R39.23.

Is there a way to go back and re-download the February transactions? They don't show up when we did the March download. As it happens, we had an unusually large number of transactions in February, so I do not want to do them manually.

We've used Quicken since 1991 and this is the most confounding problem yet!


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    Hi @smalloch .  There is no setting in Quicken that we can use to select a date range for downloading.  Once Quicken "thinks" a date range has been downloaded, even if it has not been, OSU or Update Now will not be able to download that date range, again.
    That still leaves a few options:
    1. Normally, the best option is to use Web Connect (logging into the online account, selecting the date range of transactions to be downloaded, selecting the QFX or "Quicken" format and then manually downloading/importing the file.  Unfortunately, not all financial institutions support Web Connect and from what is shown in the FIDIR list it looks like Schwab does not support it.
    2. If Schwab supports manually downloading of transactions in QIF, Excel, CSV or OFX formats, you could try doing that and then use a converter program like ImportQIF that will convert those files into a format that Quicken can import.  ImportQIF is a freeware program that you can read up on and download from  It was developed by a long-time Quicken user and very active participant in this Community forum.  I have not used it myself but others posting in this Community have said it works well.
    3. Restore a backup file dated from before the missing Feb transactions.  Then run OSU.  This should then capture all the Feb & Mar transactions for all of the accounts you have set up for OSU downloads.  But any manual transactions or transaction edits you'd made in any accounts for Feb & Mar would need to be done again since they would not be included in the backup file.
    4. Manually enter all the missing Schwab Feb transactions.  Depending on how active your Schwab account is, this might be your easiest and fastest methods for getting your Schwab account back into balance.

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