How do I change the sorting behavior of transactions when clearing them?

Preface: Due to my very small credit union not using Quicken, I have to manually clear transactions by comparing my entries to my statements.

Issue: when I 'right-click' on the status [uncleared, cleared, reconciled] column and select "Cleared" and then hit enter, the transaction moves to a different physical spot in my Quicken register. IF I have an in-balance issue and I need to go back thru my transactions manually looking for an error, the transactions are in different places and difficult to locate.

Goal: I would like to change the sorting order operation to each transaction, as it is cleared or reconciled, to stay in that position in the register, so if I do have an error, I can scroll my statement and Quicken register and the transactions in BOTH are aligned with each other, thereby making it easier to spot my error(s)....

So how do I change the sorting behavior of transactions when clearing them to keep them in the place in which they where cleared?


  • Tom Young
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    Click the gearwheel in the upper right hand corner of the register, select "Sorting options" and select "by Order Entered" or "by Date/Order Entered" as the sorting option.  That will leave the transactions in their place after you clear them.
  • mshiggins
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    Perhaps breaking the clearing of transactions into smaller time periods would ease the task? 

    I am on QW2017, so do all transaction entry, clearing, and reconciling manually. Each week, I compare my accounts in Quicken with the corresponding accounts on the financial institution websites. New transactions from the past week are entered, and if not still in pending status, marked as cleared. If the statement closed in the past week, I reconcile to the "paper" statement. 

    It's typically just a few transactions each week in each account, so it's not difficult to pick out the transactions to be cleared. 

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  • q_lurker
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    Actually, my preference especially when reconciling a manual account against  paper or online statement is to sort the register by Clr status.  Click the Clr header to do so. 

    With that sort, all the "R" transactions will be at the top.  The balance associated with last of the "R" transactions should correspond to your previous reconciled statement balance. 

    Next come the 'c' cleared transactions.  As you change the status from blank to 'c', the register will resort and the last of the 'c's should show a balance that matches the corresponding balance for that transaction.  

    Any uncleared transactions follow at the bottom, so you can know what is still outstanding.

    Maybe that can help your processing.   
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