How to report capital gains?

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There is a Tax Report built in, but it works in mysterious ways. Can I make a custom report for sales of securities, that shows the basis of what was sold and the net gain or loss? I want more control over what is displayed and how the report is organized.


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    Out of curiosity, what doesn't work correctly for you with the Tax Schedule report with regard to capital gains? In my experience with it, Quicken does correctly calculate the difference between sale price and cost basis to show the gain.

    You could do a Transactions by Category report. Set the Category to just Realized Gain/Loss; you could add Buy and Sell if you want to see the underlying transactions. Does that show what you're looking for? 

    Better investment reports for Quicken Mac are on the development roadmap, but what we'll see and when is anyone's guess.

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    Adding to @Jacobs comments;
    T the Portfolio View has the option to display Realized Gain.
    This view has flexibility on selecting and arranging columns to be displayed.
     One can Expand All Securities to show individual lots involved.

    The Portfolio View/RealizedFain is a bit non-intuitive in the date range being displayed. It shows YTD for the date entered at the upper right of the display. Example - for todays date (04/27/2022, it is displaying YTD (2022) thru todays date. If you want to see gains for the calendar year 2021, you enter a date of 12/31/2021. You can not view across a period spanning 2 or more calendar years.

    One additional limitation I find odd is that, if one wants to print the Realized Gain view is that it will only print the collapsed view. It will not print the expanded view showing lot detail.
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    Thank you very much! This feature had eluded me. (I'm a convert from Windows.) Anyway, it's good.
    If what you say is true about printing, I guess the best option is to export. There is an option to 'export with lots to csv' and another option to 'copy with lots to clipboard'.
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