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I have a CSV which has three tickers which are not downloaded by quicken, I have a python script that webscrapes a couple of websites and add them to a CSV consisting of three columns (Ticker, closing price, Date) For some reason, when I try to import it into Quicken it seems to ignore the date and only import the latest price on whatever date i give it on import screen. I i leave it empty it assigns it to today, therefore it seems to be ignoring the date field for some reason.


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    If you haven't already, you may want to review: https://www.quicken.com/support/how-do-i-import-data-quicken-windows

    If you require further assistance, please provide the CSV file.
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    I had reviewed that but for some reason it was not working. But digging into the csv file a bit more, what ended up happening was that the date format was wrong using 02-05-22. Unfortunately, i was opening up the csv with excel and it was converting it to the right format of 02/05/22. Therefore, note to self, always use notepad to view the csv.
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    So to rephrase, you screenscraped and created a CSV file with the mm-did-yy date format. When you used Excel to view the CSV file it showed as mm/did/yy and you thought it was good. Not so. 

    Only reason I comment is because I’ve always used Excel to prep and view price csv files and never had a problem. 

    Could you have saved the file from Excel to get the date format changed to the correct format?
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    Correct I screenscraped and created a csv file which the format that was on teh screenscrape. In this case the format was mm-dd-yy, but id di not pay close attention to it ans when i opened the file in excel, vs notepad, excel was automatically translating the mm-dd-yy into the short date format which is what I was looking for, but not so in the actual file when looked at via notepad.

    In terms of Excel, yes I am sure that I could have changed the format in excel, but I am making a preety sutomatic process where i just upload the csv without reviewing it several times a month. Ideally I am looking to see if i can somehow make it so that it happens automatically but i have not found a soultion yet.
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