Can anyone help fix reconcile issue with Credit Card?

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Went from paper to online download then back to paper because I didn't like it. Now every time I reconcile balance is always off. Tried clearing CLR. columns for several months and redoing each month but still have a ending balance that is way off.


  • Tom Young
    Tom Young SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    It doesn't seem like the switch from "online" to "paper" would have any effect on the accuracy of the reconciliation.
    Doing a reconciliation in Quicken is essentially marking transactions with an "R" in the Clr column such that the sum of all transactions with an "R" in the Clr column agree to a statement.  I would guess that the most common reason for users being unable to reconcile, where they could reconcile before, is that some transaction with an "R" got modified or deleted, or a new (spurious) reconciled transaction was added.
    When you go back through redoing your reconciliations, is that "way off" figure the same each month?  That would point to some "prior period" transactions have been deleted.
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