Fidelity Net Benefits cash balance.

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When I originally set up my 401k from Fidelity I had set it up doing a complete download. However, I find that to better track the performance of the fund the simple download screen shows a lot more data and history. But, since I have switched to the simple download, every morning when I do an update of the account it adds a cash balance equal to the value of the investments in the 401K. I tried the download using the complete view this morning and no problem, but as soon as I switched back to the simple view the same problem occurred. In order to delete the cash, I have to set the cash balance back to zero, close and then restart Quicken.

Is there any way to use the simple view and not have the cash added to the account? It appears that this is a known problem but I can't find where there has been an update to address the issue


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