Which version of Quicken for Windows supports using Tags for Reporting - NOT Starter

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I have starter edition and can enter transactions with Tags. However, it appears Quicken thought it would provide a great customer experience if they removed the ability to report using Tags in Starter Edition and require an Upgrade to actually report using Tags. Which version allows my to see the Tag Tab on the Report Customization option so that I can report using Tags? BTW - this is an example of how to get a long time customer to evaluate competitive solutions.


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    Starter edition is explicitly meant to introduce Quicken to new users just starting out, not long time customers. You want Deluxe.

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    For the record I believe you being able to see tags in the Starter edition is in fact a bug (one that once created they decided they didn't want to take the time to fix).

    Before Quicken Subscription, tags were completely hidden in the Starter Edition, it was one of the "advanced" features.

    Somehow those they changed the code and tags in registers started to show up.
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