How to I get the check numbers to appear in a Report?

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I am trying to find how to have the check number for the checking account added to my report. Cannot find anything in the help about this.


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    You just need to add the Check Number column to your report.

    If this is a report you created under the Reports menu, such as a Transactions by Category report, click View in the report header. Select Columns from the small pop-up menu, and then check the box for "Check #". You can add or remove other columns in the same way (perhaps you don't need the Account name, or you want to include the Memo/Notes field). you can also change the order to the field in the report by clicking-and-dragging a column heading to the left or right.

    If this is a report you created by printing selected transactions in your register, it will include all the columns visible in your register — so as long as your check number is visible in the register, it will be included when you print. 
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