In the bills and income section, how can I change a bill to an income? (Q Mac)

I entered a bill that was really income by mistake and now I can't change it over without completely clearing all records of it in the past. I have been manually changing it in the transactions but would like to change it permanently.


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    Hi, dyer:

    First, make a backup of your file just to be safe. (File:Save a Backup)

    Then, go view the Bill under Bills & Income. If you view it under the "Bills" button, click on the ... icon in the Action column, or if using the Projected Balances button, double click on the scheduled transaction.

    In either of the above scenarios, you will want to choose the Edit All Instances option:


    Then, change the Scheduled Transaction to be Income:

    Save your change, and you will get a dialog about changing all instances. Confirm this as you do want to change future reminders. (It won't affect older transactions you have entered.) 

    This should change the sign for the scheduled transaction so it now shows as income.
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    The key thing to understand is that a scheduled transaction is like a template for future transactions. Once you "post" a scheduled transaction by marking it paid or deposited, a real transaction is created, and it completely stands on its own. That is, changed to a posted transaction won't affect future scheduled transactions, and changes to a scheduled transaction won't affect any posted transactions in the past. 
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