Discrepant amounts in investment account update and Quicken account

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When I do an update of my Fidelity account Quicken shows 1 account updated but the portfolio value reflected in Quicken is not as much as is reflected on the Fidelity Web site. Usually, this discrepancy is a small amount but tonight it was a larger amount. The portfolio is pretty straight forward so I'm unclear as to what may be causing the discrepancy.


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    Hi @judo7804

    Have you tried comparing the information in Quicken to either a statement you received from Fidelity, or - better yet - to the online balances of your investments as shown on the Fidelity website? 

    If not, then that is your starting point.  If you compare the data from one to the other, the source of the discrepancy should be obvious (it will (likely) be an incorrect number of shares held, or possibly a problem with the security price). Whatever it is - you'll need to make an adjustment to get the two in synch.  The cause could be a missing dividend reinvestment transaction, or maybe an error in recording a transaction.


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    It's hard for anyone to say without knowing the details. What I would do is check if a security price is way off.  Sometimes that can happen with the Quicken quote provider. 
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    It isn't unusual for the financial institution's web site to differ from Quicken.  I suggest you compare the share holding and price quote to determine the source of the difference.
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