Duplicated Paycheck Entry Detail

clales Member ✭✭
I recently discovered that if I click to see the detail for each of my paychecks for my current employer (8 years x 26 paychecks per year), the detail is the same as my paycheck from 02/28/2022. This is not correct due to different withholdings, pay increases, bonuses, etc. over the last 8 years. Oddly, the total in the register is correct, it's the underlying detail that is incorrect.

Additionally, when I look at the net worth report, it shows a total in the account where my paycheck is deposited as if all of my paychecks were the same as my 02/28/2022 paycheck (which is, again, incorrect). This results in a significantly higher number being shown in the net worth report than is correct.

Please help me resolve!


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