R39.23 incompatible with Windows 11

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Version R39.23

This is not compatible with Windows 11 and only works if the executable is initiated in Compatibility Mode.


  • bmciance
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    I am using Windows 11 and have the latest build ( and I am not running Quicken in compatibility mode.  I'm not sure why you are getting that but it is not because it is incompatible with Windows 11.
  • splasher
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    Agree with bmciance, I have R39.23 installed and running on Win11 WITHOUT it being in compatibility mode.
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  • BK
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    I cannot think of why this is happening to you unfortunately and keeping an eye here in case someone has a solution.  If there was an incompatibility issue, this community would've lit up like a holiday tree!  I did however once experience an issue with Win11 and that was a partially failed Win10>Win11 "upgrade" process and I resolved it by manually reinstalling Win11.
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  • BK
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    Question: How did you update to R39.23?  Did you let Quicken update itself or did you manually update it using the Mondo patch?
    If the former, it won't hurt to manually reinstall R39.23 using the Mondo patch instructions from here to see if that resolves it.  This process takes under a minute and will simply overwrite the existing program.
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  • jrfinkel
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    I downloaded the latest version and installed it on a pretty fresh Windows 11 Pro installation. I opened my QDF file that contains all my transactions. The graphics are messed up, the account list never appears in the left gutter, and mouse clicks have no action save for the toolbar icons. It runs as expected in compatibility mode. The issue may not be the OS, but the nVidia graphics processor.
  • coachjw
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    I have a new laptop and updated to windows 11 and whenever I attempt to edit/change Bill reminders Quicken goes into non repsonsive mode? Any body experience this or know of a fix?
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    Hi All,

    Don't forget to send Feedback for this issue, using the Feedback Hub in Windows 11. Sometimes, Microsoft can fix the problem, on their end.
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    It certainly helps to list the details of the "doesn't work" -
    as the rest of us are just left to guessing and playing 20 questions.
    [EDIT] - also updated topic title to better reflect actual Q&A ... as there is no "latest release" - today vs March 30 -
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