Is there a way to create a custom QDF so I can import PayPal transactions more easily?

Andrew Angell
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When I download a Quicken export out of PayPal it gives me a QDF file.

This QDF allows me to import, however, I then have to go through every individual transaction to categorize them accordingly.

The vast majority of the transactions are order payments, so they come in as a split; revenue received and a negative amount for the PayPal fee.

So I have to go into the split for every indidual one and set the category for each item in the split.  

I would much prefer to create a QDF that already has these categories filled out so that when I import I'm (mostly) done without having to go through every individual transaction.

I was thinking I could just write some sort of script to update the values in the QDF file to match what I need for the import, but when I view the QDF in a text editor it's all garbage.

QIF allows me to see the transaction data so I could adjust like I'm saying, but PayPal doesn't give me a QIF, it gives me QDF.

I'm thinking I could also use the PayPal API to pull transaction history, and then generate a QDF or QIF of my own, but again I need format details in order to be able to do that.

Any information on this would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!


  • Frankx
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    Hi @Andrew Angell

    I think that you may be confusing things about PayPal exports and Quicken files.  A .QDF is a Quicken Data File - that is the file that contains all the data and related information that you run when you open the Quicken application.  PayPal does not export data to a QDF file.  It can export to a .QIF file or to a .CSV file.  If you use the .QIF export it will likely be easier (less work) than a .CSV file, but nether is going to be perfect.


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  • Chris_QPW
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    A QDF file is your Quicken data file, I guarantee that PayPal isn't exporting that.
    Note that PayPal does support Express Web Connect, but there have been reports of it dropping the fees lately, and at any rate since Express Web Connect adheres to QFX format, there isn't any splits so they would either be net amount or two transactions, the gross amount and the fees.

    PayPal can export in CSV and QIF format.

    This is the webpage for generating the report in format you want (note this is a business account, if not using a business account you just go to the activity and then go to generate a report):

    QIF format will look like:
    LWebsite Payment
    SWebsite Payment
    PUser's Name

    This is my website:
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