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I list my home as an asset under Property, I periodically update the present value for Net Worth calculation. After the recent build, Version 6.6.2 (Build 606.43218.100) on Mac, the value doubled. It seems like the initial value was doubled so I needed to delete the initial value entry. I'm not sure if this error was a relic from an asset imported from another software package but the distortion appeared with the current build.


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    Since this is an account which likely doesn't have a huge number of transactions, it sounds like you can just open the account register to identify the source of the problem. Are there two initial transactions, or just one with a value that's doubled? I can't think of any way Quicken could modify an amount on a manual account which is not connected for downloading.

    If there's a duplicate entry, although I'm sure you'll think this is not the culprit, it's always possible that simple user error is at fault; it's easier than you might think to press Command-D or slip while pulling down the Transaction menu and inadvertently create a duplicate of a transaction without realizing it.

    In any case, if the solution is as straightforward as deleting a duplicate entry, I'd just do that and move forward. I have not seen any reports of Quicken mysteriously duplicating transactions from any other users to indicate that there might be a more prevalent issue with he software.
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