Chase card transactions download in test file; not in main file

Hi - I'm just starting to use credit cards in Quicken. I first added in a test file, and that worked fine. Then I tried adding in my main file and only the current balance downloaded.

I wonder if it's because the transaction will only download once? Is there a way to force the downloads to reset?

Or is there something else you I can try?

Thank you for your help


  • NotACPA
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    Any particular transaction will only download once into any particular account in any given file.  There's no restriction on downloading transactions into more than 1 file, as you've done

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  • Frankx
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    Hi @mjs9876543210

    It is possible to reset the starting date for transactions to be downloaded.  But please understand that doing so could cause duplicate transactions to be downloaded into the account.

    Here are the steps you need to take - but before you start make sure you have a good backup of your Quicken datafile.

    1)    Go to “Tools” > “Online Center”;

    2)    While holding down the Ctrl key - Click “Contact Info” at the top;

    3)    The “Refresh Online Transaction Information” will open > In the “Account:“ drop-down, select the Account that you want previously downloaded transactions from;

    4)    Click on the “Reset DTSTART” button;

    5)    In the “Change to” field set the starting date for transactions to be downloaded. (Make sure this date is prior to any missing transactions that you want downloaded again) > then click “OK” > then the “Refresh” button.

    6)    Open up the account register for the Account you selected in Step 3 above;

    7)    Attempt to download transactions again.

    N.B. – Understand that the above steps will likely cause previously downloaded transactions to be downloaded a second time.  As a result that you will likely need to identify and then delete those duplicate transactions.

    Let me know how that goes.


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  • mjs9876543210
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    Thank you for your help.

    @Frankx holding CTRL and clicking contact info didn't work for me.

    I ended up solving the problem by downloading into a scratch file and then cutting and pasting transactions - a hack, but it solved the problem.
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